Sunday, August 18, 2013

Brush it then Leave it

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Hair products are easy products to experiment with and, inevitably, fall in love with. In all my experimenting, I've realized there are 2 basic tools you must have in your hair bag (basket? drawer?)- a great brush and a great leave-in product. Let's see...

Love this brush!!
A great brush can make or break your styling time and, literally, your hair. I've never really been wowed by a brush so much that I would write a blog about it. Until I tried this one! The Rusk Da Vinci Nylon Pin Brush is just smart in every way. Rusk partnered with celebrity hairstylist Sam Leonardi to help create the ultimate styling brushes.

This brush is ergonomically designed with points as both ends for easy sectioning and styling. The cushioned pad is gentle on hair and the scalp and even the bristles are positioned to flow through the hair. I truly felt the difference with this brush the very time I used it.

What's even more amazing is that you can get this brush now at (my fav) for 50% off (!@#$%) - only $12.49!!!

Miracle product!
Nothing pairs better with a great brush than the perfect leave-in conditioner. I was recently introduced to the Rock Your Hair brand and while not only do I thoroughly enjoy their packaging (pink AND sparkles!) and products, their Miracle Leave-In Conditioner is a stand out.

Rock Your Hair is professional hair care created by the founder of Big Sexy Hair brand, Michael O'Rourke. Rock Your Hair is all about delivering BIG style with great products that perform while being healthy for your hair (sulfate and paraben free!). (And the packaging makes me very happy!)

The Miracle Leave-In Conditioner is a weightless leave-in conditioner that helps de-tangle the hair and leave it soft, smooth, shiny and full of body... ya know, rock-n-roll style :)

Try it now at for only $20- and it seems to last forever which is always a plus.

Note to my Mom: The trick to using a leave-in conditioner? 1. Don't spray (or apply) it directly on your roots! As you brush, you will naturally distribute the product all over but applying directly to the roots will make your hair appear like you never washed it. Yuck. 2. Let it sit for a minute before you start to brush through... it's called a leave-in for a reason. Leave it alone, brush it through and leave it in!

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  1. I like leave in conditioner a lot- African Pride is my favorite brand


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