Monday, June 17, 2013

Random Beauty Tricks

I apologize for the mini-hiatus on my part. Things have been a little chaotic and I refuse to post anything that doesn't get 100% of my time and attention. Sorry fellow beauty peeps- only quality coming from me! :)

I thought I would "come back" by sharing 20 fun beauty tricks!

  1. Steady your elbow when applying eyeliner. Place your elbow on the counter in front of you- steadying your elbow will help steady your hand and give you a nicer line every time. 
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  2. Tube squeezers aren't just for toothpaste! Use these to squeeze out anything in a tube and get the most out of your money- cleanser, moisturizer, lotion, etc. 
  3. Use the caps. Caps are put on products for many reasons like preventing the product from drying out and defending ingredients from degrading by keeping light and oxygen out. Get in the habit of putting (or snapping or clicking or flipping or whatever) the cap back on (tightly) every time and get the most potency from your product. 
  4. Rinse your hair with cool water. Tame the frizz and keep your hair healthy by sealing back up the follicle with a quick cool water shock. 
  5. Don't dip! Grab a Q-tip to dip into that jar of moisturizer before you even think of dipping your finger into it. You'll keep it much more sanitary by not spreading germs from your hands to your face (ew). 
  6. Customize those fake lashes to look less fake. When applying fake lashes, use your scissors to cut the lashes to match the length of your lash-line (we're not all the same!) and use tweezers to pinpoint exactly where they should go (end to end close to the lash line).
    Winks by Georgie- my fav!
  7. Smell pretty and make it pretty. Take a clear vase and throw all those little fragrances vials in
    Fragrance vial samples in vase
    and place on your dresser. Not only does it make for cool decor, it will remind you to try something new every once and a while. 
  8. Don't throw away samples. Put them in your guest bathroom for your guests to try, use them on your hands, keep a few in your purse or desk drawer for an afternoon pick me up. 
  9. Oops! Mascara on your face? Don't wipe it right away. Let it completely dry and then gently buff away with a dry tissue or Q-tip.
  10. Clean it out. Ever wonder why your hair dryer doesn't have as much drying power as it did a month ago? Clean out the back where the air filters though. Particles and lint from the air get stuck in the webbing and it's supposed to be cleaned. Better air flow = better and quicker drying time (which means you kill your hair a little less too).
  11. Heat it up. Eyeliner a little dried out? Zap with your hair dryer for a few seconds to warm it up for a smooth application. 
  12. Tap it in. Tap, press or pat concealer on- never smooth it in. Tapping or pressing applies concealer more naturally and is less harsh on the skin.
  13. Color it. Is your favorite dry shampoo a white powder or even baby powder? Mine is. But, I add a little loose bronzer to mine to help match my hair color better.
  14. Exfoliate your lips to avoid those creeping mouth lines. Apply some Vaseline and gently brush/buff your lips with a toothbrush. It's that easy for soft, smooth lips.
    Gillette Venus
  15. Shave last. You'll have fewer nicks and cuts if you if you shave your legs at the end of your shower.
  16. No waste need. Have some left over eye cream or moisturizer on your fingers? Don't waste it- rub it into your cuticles (toes too)!
  17. Ditch the itch and the dryness. Antihistamines in your allergy medicine can dry our skin. Opt for a tinted moisturizer instead of foundation for added hydration. 
  18. Vacation causing you to breakout? Have you EVER cleaned your travel makeup bag? Wipe down (you can even use a makeup remover wipe) your travel makeup bag before and/or after every use and avoid the transfer of germs and bacteria from your vacation to your face (again, ew).
  19. Moisturize. The best time to apply face or body moisturizer is right after your shower as your skin is less oily and the product will absorb better. 
  20. Let it dry. Apply your eye cream... let it dry. Apply your serum... let it dry. Apply your moisturizer... let it dry. Apply your primer... let it dry. See a trend here? Let each product completely dry before apply the next product- this way they are not interfering with each other or "pilling"  or flaking on top of each other. 
Note to my Mom: Tip- use these tips. :)

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