Monday, February 18, 2013

Quick! My Hands are Dry!

My (amazing) husband is an electrician. I'm so impressed with what he does, what he knows and what he accomplishes every day. I'm even more impressed when in times of need, he is truly needed. Living in NY, he has spent much of his time (weekends included) over the past few months helping with Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. I couldn't be more proud.

That said, his hands are a mess! True working hands. And as the husband of a girl in the Beauty biz, something has to be done. :) So, here's what to do when your hands need some love...

Exfoliate (didn't you read MY LAST POST?!) then hydrate!

1. Grab your favorite body/sugar scrub.
2. Massage the scrub, with a little water, in your hands. Work the scrub over your fingers, back of hands and cuticles for at least a couple minutes. Then rinse.
3. Grab your favorite hand cream and moisturize.
Repeat daily or weekly- it's up to you. Works on your feet too, of course!

My perfect "Hand Rescue" pair? $8.79 $6.29
I LOVE Smith & Vandiver Purify Sugar Scrub because it's thick, smells great and it's natural, you know all the ingredients! After you rinse with this scrub, it leaves behind a silky sheen of Shea Butter which you can continue to rub into your hands. Love green beauty!

Yes! The infamous Carmex does more than just help your lips! I'm super picky about hand cream not leaving a greasy feeling and Carmex Healing Cream not only absorbs perfectly, it treats for continued healing!

Note to My Mom: Ever wonder what to do with those sample size treatments you get at the department store or included with your online beauty purchases? Use them on the back of hands! Your hands can actually give away your age first so don't forget to treat them too! 

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