Thursday, February 28, 2013

Introducing Immuno-Viva Renew

There's nothing better than finding a skincare product you're in love with. It's even better when that product is naturally good for your skin and pulling its power from the seeds of Earth. Quite literally, in fact.

I was recently introduced to Immuno-Viva for a variety of reasons and have fallen in love with their Renew Anti-Aging Skin Serum. Let's explore...

First, you should know that Immuno-Viva really is different because their products are made from 100% natural fruit (like blackberries, blueberries and cranberries) and herb (like black cumin and milk thistle) seeds.  They use a NatureFRESH Cold-Press™ extraction to avoid using heat or harsh chemicals that can lead to loss in potency and integrity in their product. Why is this different? Well, Cold-Press™ extraction is a more thoughtful process that inevitably costs more and therefor most manufacturers opt for the cheaper route. Not the case for Immuno-Viva- they literally keep it pure.

So what do you get? A product that is pure, potent and naturally rich in nutrition.

Enter Immuno-Viva Renew Anti-Aging Skin Serum.
Why do I love it? I'm adding natural and potent antioxidants to my skin that aid in the fight against aging and overall skin health. The hydration this serum delivers is surprisingly non-greasy. It's like I can feel the moisture IN my skin (where it should be) and not ON my skin. You'll notice immediate results and be poised for future improvement. And, I love the smell of real, pressed fruit seed oils. It's not medicinal or fragrance-y; it's fresh and natural. $49.95

You'll notice improvement in: wrinkles, scars, uneven tone, dehydration and under eye dark circles.

How do you use it? 2 ways:
1. On its own, this serum is a powerful treatment. Use once or twice a day. Apply as your treatment (or after your current treatment) and before moisturizing (you may find you don't even need that step anymore!).
2. Use it as a boost- mix it in with one of your current products. I add 2 drops of this magic serum to my BB Cream, mix and apply.

A little truly goes a long way so be mindful of the dropper.

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Connect with Immuno-Viva and find out more!
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Note to My Mom: Immuno-Viva makes a number of products to help you reap the benefits of pure, natural fruit & herb seed goodness. Try their Sunrise Tea or Defend Plus Supplement Drink.

My supply: Sunrise Tea, Renew Anti-Aging Skin Serum, Defend Plus

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